Along with gold, real estate is one of the oldest asset classes in the world.

Most wealthy people end up with a large portion of their portfolio in property, either because property development has been their main business or because they use the proceeds from another business to acquire real estate as a long term store of value.

Property is a core part of what we do at The Beaufort Society, helping our members to:

  • Make strategic land acquisitions
  • Optimise the use of the land with developments that will sell in their local market
  • Obtain planning permission that maximises the return from the site
  • Obtain development funding
  • Achieve the best exit through the optimum marketing and sales channels

It’s too simple to talk about property as if it were a single market or a single type of asset. Where we can add the most value is in looking at your specific portfolio or one specific project you are involved in and bringing a fresh pair of eyes to it. We might make some suggestions on changes to the proposed usage or to the size and specifications that will sell best in that location.

Sometimes we will simply join the dots by connecting you to the right partner to provide the missing piece of the jigsaw.

It all starts with a conversation with our Property Director Paul Kingston.